About Kphotos

For 15 years, the Kphotos team has been following WKF karate competitions around the world… A unique experience in the world!

We stand for quality, and we are proud of it.

We have transcribed the emotion of the greatest karate events in the world. From the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to the latest European Karate Championships, we regularly work for the biggest teams, sports brands and individual athletes.

Our work and our team allow us to follow the championships and karate tournaments of the professional circuit by bringing a touch of modernity and flawless professionalism.

Our desire is to bring professional quality karate photography, with an impeccable workflow and the desire to highlight the greatest athletes and our sport… Karate!

We develop karate photo with galleries and want to be the best karate stock photo in the world.


Professional quality
We use professional cameras for our karate reports. Sony cameras for a habit of working in the harsh lights of karate events.

Fast file delivery
We use our own storage servers to ensure fast delivery of our reports and to ensure that you are served quickly.

Limitation of the number of shooting
To maintain the quality of our work during the karate championships, we limit the number of reports depending on the team. A single watchword the quality of our service!

Media solution for Karate

Kphotos is media agency to provide sport karate photo and vidéo for federation, club and partner

Our press photography agency follows sports karate championships and tournaments around the world. We try to bring back the most beautiful photos of karate competitions in Europe, Asia, Pan America and others.

Whether it is a national tournament, continental or world championships or Olympic events, we bring unique images of karatekas and sport.

This service is developed by the company Plus Logique Communication | L’Artisan Média in France.

Kphotos is a photography agency that represents professional photographers and offers their images to clients for commercial use. Our photographic agency presents collections of images covering karate, karateka and the championships of the World, Europe and elsewhere. Our clients come from magazines, newspapers, advertising agencies, public relations firms and companies using images for their websites or print publications around karate. Our photography agency can also provide bespoke commercial karate photography services for businesses and organizations.

Karate is a martial art that originated in Okinawa, Japan. It was developed by Okinawan martial artists who were exposed to various styles of martial arts from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Karate is known for its emphasis on discipline, respect, and the proper use of technique. It is also known for its strong striking techniques, including punches, kicks, and knee strikes.

Karate first gained widespread popularity in Japan after the end of World War II, when it was introduced to the Japanese public by Master Gichin Funakoshi. Funakoshi is considered the « father of modern karate, » and he is credited with adapting and refining the martial art for the Japanese people. In the years since its introduction to Japan, karate has become one of the most popular martial arts in the world, with millions of practitioners around the globe.

Karate is now practiced in many different styles, with each style having its own unique techniques and training methods. Some of the most popular styles of karate include Shotokan, Goju-ryu, Shito-ryu, and Kyokushin. These styles are all based on the original principles of karate, but they have each developed their own distinct characteristics and techniques over time.

Let’s develop tomorrow’s karate together and create the largest karate photography base in the world.

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